5 years Svinx Consultancy BV

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Today I received several congratulations via LinkedIn. I did not realize that I am already running my business for 5 years until I received the congrats. Time for some reflections. Svinx Consultancy started slowly with 1 customer and in the meantime I was also working at Prosensa as QP. This way I could extend my business slowly and also have some security in jobs.

Prosensa was eventually taken over by BioMarin and BioMarin deciced to end all GMP activities in Leiden. In the meantime I gained more clients and I had security to not find another job. In the 5 years that have passed, I have had several clients, and most of them are still in my portfolio. Some of them I have said goodbye to.

I am loving my job and did not regret any second that I choose to start Svinx Consultancy. The diversity in clients, and the flexibility to work from home, whenever needed. Of course it also has its downsides, like travelling abroad to perform audits or technical meetings. Fortunately I have a very caring and loving husband who takes care of the kids and always have diner ready whenever I come home. I could not have done everything I am doing without him!

Raymond Dave Vink, thanks for all your support! Let’s go for the next 5 years.