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Last week I went to the QP-forum in Budapest. This is a conference organized by the European Qualified Person Association (EQPA). It is always very well organized and great to meet fellow QPs of all countries of the EU. There is always the main conference, during which also a lot of time is always scheduled to answer questions that there might be out in the field. Next to that, there is always a preconference and as I am an IMP QP I always go to the IMP preconference. And during the main conference you can pick 3 out of the 6 parallel sessions they offer. This year I picked sessions on risk assessment, QP oversight and regulation updates. In the first two there was plenty of time to discuss with eachother about a case and it is always nice to hear how other QPs think about subjects.

Next to the talks there is also a lot of time for socializing. Lunches are perfect organized and next to that on the evening there is a diner. This time there was a diner cruise over de Donau organized. Which showed beautiful bulidings of Budapest at night.

It was during this forum that I thought of maybe having regular blog updates about the items that I am working on (of course without naming any companies). I hope that I will keep this going. If there is anything you would like to know more about, please feel free to add it in the comments below.